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Territory Delivery Time Weight Price
The whole territory of Russia 2 - 4 weeks
1 kg  $32.00
2 kg  $38.00

2 - 4 weeks

New amendments to the customs law in Russia will enter into force on January 1, 2019.

The maximum value of goods free from customs duties will be 500 euros (per person per month) and the maximum total weight of 31 kg (per person per month).

The amount of duty will be:

- 30% of the value that exceeds 500 euros limit

- 4 euros for each kg that exceeds 31 kg limit

If customs duties are not paid - the parcel will be automatically returned to the sender at its own expense.

  • Each letter or a small package is insured with the company for $60 free of charge.
  • Small packages are delivered by our company to the Russian Customs and then delivered to the post office nearest to the recipient's place of residence by Russian Postal Service.
  • Courier delivery cost (2 kg) is $40.95
  • If you use our prepaid label for delivery to our office additional $10 will be applied.Courier deliv