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Meest-America offers delivery of parcels to Russia in cooperation with the Russian Postal Service.

Parcels are delivered by our company to the Russian Customs and then delivered to the post office nearest to the recipient's place of residence by Russian Postal Service. Any measurement of a package must not exceed 1.05 m (41 inches). Sum of length and the perimeter of the largest cross-sectional area must not exceed 3m (118 inches).

Dimentional weight may be applied to packages if it is larger than their physical weight. The following is the formula for the dimentional wieght in lbs. Dimentionbal weight will then be billed.

  • The cost of shipping by sea to the nearest post office in any region of Russia
  • $ 1.89/lb and $20 for a box weighing up to 44 pounds. Delivery time  is 7 - 9 weeks depending on the region. Minimum chargable weight - $38.90
  • The cost of shipping parcels by air to the nearest post office in any region of Russia
  • $ 2.89/lb and $20 for a box weighing up to 44 pounds. Delivery time is 2 - 3 weeks depending on the region. Minimum chargable weight  - $48.90

Maximum weight of a package - 44 lbs and maximum cost per package without import duty- $ 1000.00
Delivery of parcels can be traced  on our website

Air parcels are shipped every Thursday, sea parcels are shipped within a week of their receipt.

Meest-America will not ship the following prohibited items - Prohibited Items

If you use our prepaid FedEx labels to ship your packages to our warehouse in NJ from other states, prices for delivery to Russia will then include the cost of shipping within the U.S. and will be the following:

  • by sea -  $2.29/lb plus $25 per box up 44 lbs
  • by air- -  $3.19/lb plus $25 per box up to 44 lbs.